Gym Molly is committed to helping people live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and we are committed living in balance with our environment by using recyclable and ethically sourced resources.

All Gym Molly products are Certified Vegan ensuring there is no animal cruelty throughout the supply chain. 

Our packaging choices are focused on the safety of our customers and minimize our impact on the environment.  We continue to review our packaging to ensure we are using sustainable resources.

Gym Molly Bottles are made from fully recyclable PET plastic.  Gym Molly supports improvements in bottle deposit laws and recycling services and believes the system used in California should be adopted throughout the country. We also continue to explore alternative packaging and product formats.

Gym Molly Cans are fully recyclable, efficient and lightweight with metal mined from US and Canadian sources.  More than two-thirds of all the aluminum ever produced remains in use.

We are confident that we have chosen the best solution for both your health and the health of the Earth. We are committed to making ongoing improvements as new technology and approaches become available.