After Party Hydration - 7g BCAA Fitness Cans

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After Party Hydration - 7g BCAA Fitness Cans

Health + Fitness Recovery

Amino Acids are the building blocks of life and they’re exactly what your body needs to recover! There are nine essential Amino Acids in total, but the most powerful Amino Acids are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). Not all Amino Acids are created equal and Gym Molly only uses premium patented Vegan InstAminos®.    

  Zero Sugar & Zero Carbs

  750 MG of Coconut Electrolyte Hydration - A healthy & natural substitute for sports drinks.

  7 Grams of Certified Vegan BCAAs made from Sunflowers

✅  Made in USA

✅  100% Money Back Guarantee

Flavors: Loopy Fruitz, Blue Raspberry Lemonade (Pack of 12)

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